Movistar Launches Voice for Fusion of Extra Bonus: 7000 Minutes for 10 Euros More

Movistar Fusion was presented as a single product in which the only possible variation was to choose between a connection ADSL or fiber, for the lucky ones with coverage, in addition to being able to add additional mobile lines.

But since its launch added options, from the giga in addition to more mobile rates until the new zero Fusion, as competition squeezed and now Movistar chooses to add a module additional voice to mobile lines Fusion.

Movistar now allows customers with Fusion, that no Fusion, the possibility of extending for 10 euros monthly in 7000 minutes those included in the mobile lines of if already included 500 minutes. There is still a limit of 300 different a month and if you exceed the minute destinations or destinations included the remaining calls would be paid 18 cents per minute and 15 cents of establishment.

Best alternative with unlimited calls

With this movement, Movistar has its first merger with almost unlimited but if compared with Vodafone and Orange options already offered unlimited national calls from your mobile the numbers speak alone.

While Movistar option has a monthly fee of 59.90 euros the option of Orange, the most economical, low share 45 euros per month and that of Vodafone 50 euros, representing a saving annual 178,80 and 118,80 EUR respectively.

We therefore turn to find a product of Movistar, which is not the best in features or prices but that, as always, has the advantage of having coverage of ADSL that has no competition.