Movistar Launches You Keep It, Your Service to Keep Contacts and Photos in The Cloud

Today few people are even aware that a smartphone can give us problems at any time not to have a backup contacts or pictures taken with him, either with copies on cards or in the cloud.

And seeing the business that can be in such services Movistar presents today I keep you, its own service which may be backups of your contacts and photos in the cloud, although having to pay a monthly fee for it.

The functioning of tea keep it is simple, just install the application on our smartphone and this will make a backup of our contacts in addition to upload the new pictures we have taken during the day to night, being able to access a copy from the website of the service.

The application is compatible with a number of smartphones with Android, Symbian and iOS, in the latter case the rise of contacts and photos is not automatic, and can be downloaded from the respective app stores except in Symbian, being this if necessary ask for sending an SMS from the web to obtain the download link.

The cost the service, available only to customers of Movistar, is of 0.89 euros per month to be free during the first month. That if the storage is limited to 5 GB, to be occupied in its entirety would stop the ascent automatic photos until the user free space.

This service nor is to be very novel, Since the same functions that offers can be obtained by synchronizing an email account for contacts and using a Dropbox account for example for automatic rise of photos, both options free of charge, by what does not foresee a large number of users for tea keep it.