Movistar Lost a 15% of Customers of Mobile Telephony in 2012

After the presentations of results of Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo the only explain the accounts of 2012 that was missing was Movistar, that as expected not has surprised us. Telefonica net profit, with all its global brands, fell a 27.3% and thanks to Latin America, because things in Europe and more specifically in Spain you will not quite right.

The line of business mobile Movistar in Spain ended last year with a total of 20.5 million customers, representing a 15% loss in a single year. Yet the operator stresses that losses have been at least in the last quarter of the year as well as point out that many of these lost lines correspond to given prepaid lines of idle down.

What if he has uploaded are lines with mobile broadband contract, with an increase of 9% in the year, driven mostly by mobile lines in Movistar merger offer. In the last quarter of the year 81% of phones sold by operator were smartphones though among its customer base the penetration of smart phones is 39%, the lowest of all the big Spanish operators.

It should be even more concerned to the operator is not the drop of 9% of voice traffic but the worrying decline in the revenue per customer that it is suffering Movistar. ARPU decreases a 14.9% year on year, justified by the operator by less voice traffic that is not sufficiently offset by data and lower the prices of tariffs that began there in 2011.