Movistar Makes Cleaning of Special Rates Leaving Take The Offer without ADSL and Mobile Internet [Updated]

UPDATE: From Movistar assure us that not be charged excess data, as we published this morning. I apologize for the confusion and we offer more details inside the post.

Since Movistar He later released the zero rates and Total, had hidden nearly the rest of their Special rates who had remained there available to whomever was interested in hiring them, but since the month of July are definitely discontinued.

After cleaning, disappear most of rates with bonds of minutes and the 2, 5 and 10 GB mobile Internet rates that already will be in force for existing customers who have contracted to them but can not turn or for current customers with another former rate or by the new.

With the change, Movistar seems to stake everything by Fusion that becomes the most complete range of the operator while leaving the offer for those not interested in ADSL/fibre no alternative that to compete with the rates or bonds without call set-up.

Movistar not be charged excess data

After alarm bells on the possible charging of excess data and its immediate “rectification”, finally Movistar again to confirm that it shall apply the cost as of July 18 in all their data with 500 MB and 1GB fixed rates in 3 euros each 256 MB up to additional giga (or 12 euros) to reduce speed at 32 Kbps (8 Kbps on the rise) at that time and let charge but with the possibility of hiring a bonus extra.

UPDATE: From Movistar, they assure us, to today is not intended nor arise to collect excess data. Once exceeded the limit is offered to hire an extra 1 GB bonus, as we mentioned initially, although it is somewhat optional for customers wishing to sail at full speed. If it opts not to hire this bonus, once exceeded data, the speed is reduced to 16 kbps / 4 kbps but not there would be charges by excess navigation. We will update this post again when we have the definitive rates tables.

In addition Movistar follows in the footsteps of Yoigo reducing to a single rate of mobile Internet USB modem, which you can supplement with extra bonuses of 1 GB but it seems that at the moment, anything from 5 or 10 GB but if it happens like Vodafone and Orange, could return when they premiere their 4 G network.

As peculiarity of the extra bonus of data, While rates will reduce speed to 16 Kbps to exceed the traffic included in each tariff, if you add 1 GB extra and eat it completely, the speed is reduced to 64 Kbps.

All rates of particular contract Movistar

Movistar will disable the x 1 100 in August

Together with the cleaning tarifarifa, Movistar also It will no longer apply from August 1 100 x 1 module It allowed to speak up to 100 minutes per call to Movistar paying only the first minute of the oldest rates and that they will return to pricing all the spoken minutes. A change that despite affecting a small part, makes less sense than ever after the last reduction in interconnection prices.