Movistar More Expensive The Price of HTC One Regarding Advertised Price

One of the major smartphones expected for the month of May is still the HTC One which these past few days have been able to know their prices with Vodafone and Yoigo Movistar was the first to advance on April 10 in a press release that its price would be of 23 euros per month (plus taxes) with any of their rates.

But now is the month of May and without having seen no trace of the HTC One during April, we have a catalogue of prices that Movistar has become a more expensive on most high-end smartphones compared to the month of April, including the HTC One that despite announced officially, finally will come with a price of 24.50 EUR per month (plus tax). A total increase of 43.68 euros which places its final price in 711.48 euros (incl. VAT).

The prices for the different rates of Movistar for existing customers or new left follows with VAT included:

In addition, customers who continue having points may follow promotion for discounts in euros even if their current rate does not generate points but since the month of may Movistar lowers the discount according to your points What of 0.002 euros per point accumulated to 0.0015 point euro.

Comparative price HTC One with Movistar, Vodafone, Yoigo and Amena