Movistar Puts in a Bind to Competition with New Zero Rates and Total

Time have been waiting for Movistar It moved really tab in your contract rates, completely outdated and out of market, having produced his last great change in November 2011 with the exception of merger but already have a date for that renewal that will place the operator in the market.

As of April 1 Movistar will incorporate two new rates for different profiles, one for those who prefer to pay for each call and another with unlimited calls, which will attack not only to his main rivals, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo but also virtual operators.

On one side is Movistar zero, a rate in the style of the rates of nine euros monthly from other operators, with that same quota but with 500 mb at maximum speed, reducing to 64 kbps of consuming data including, though to change calls will be at zero cents per minute, paying only for the call set-up 15 cents. This rate also includes 500 SMS per month.

The other big bet of the operator have different Movistar Total and will directly compete with the infinite of Telstra, the Vodafone network or the Orange Dolphin 35. By 35 euros monthly this tariff offer Unlimited national calls In addition to 1000 SMS and 1 Gb of data at maximum speed, then reducing to 64 kbps.

As we have already mentioned in both cases Movistar opts to reduce speed where customers consume data included in the new rates, to the contrary of what Vodafone will do in its Base fares, but also and just like in mobile lines of Fusion will allow hiring a 1 extra Gb for 10 euros.

Direct attack on all sides

With this movement, in the absence of more details, such as permanence, limits on the rate that promises calls unlimited and other points, Movistar attacks all opponents with rates that will stand up to all kinds of rivals.

Rate Zero MoviStar Despite offering less megabytes than others, but without charging for excess, improves the price of calls from the rate Base of Vodafone or Telstra 1, big bets of these operators in the segment of pay-per-minute rates. But the blue operator not let stitch without thread and also improves virtual offerings as Pepephone, Happy mobile or Másmovil, only that so far offered calls at zero cents per minute but limited to the first five minutes of each call.

Rate Movistar Total does not reach the market as the most economical rate with unlimited calls but if It is situated at the height of the network of Vodafone or Orange Dolphin 35 in terms of price, not in features, but offers an alternative for the millions of Movistar customers who don’t want to leave your coverage and do not import them have 1 Gb instead of 1.5 Gb or lack of calls to international destinations.

After this important movement seems that Movistar is preparing to trace data loss of clients that comes lately, which failed to turn over with Fusion. That if anyone expected that you will have it easy since I personally bet that Vodafone and Telstra will soon too offer calls to zero cents per minute.