Movistar Reduced to $ 5 Mandatory Recharge Their Prepaid

Long rates prepaid traditional operators left behind one of their main advantages which was the of not being bound to any monthly minimum consumption or monthly, but from 2009, they conditioned their best rates to a monthly recharge perverting the concept of the traditional service for card users.

But we are in 2013 and continuous cuts the MVNO that finally has dramatically reduced spending on mobile Bill limiting it to a maximum at 35 euros per month thanks to the unlimited contract rates, is making operators to correct the imbalance between prepaid and contract to return to reduce the mandatory minimum recharging of the prepaid and focus on those who consume less.

After Orange and Vodafone, now it is Movistar which reduces the obligation of a minimum recharge to 5 euro which will allow you to enjoy for 30 days consecutive from recharge in order to enjoy their best rates prepaid: 8 cents/minute to all 24 hours, 3 cents per minute in the evenings (from the 16 h.) and weekends, or 0 cents per minute with Movistar numbers. In any any of the three rates prepaid will be add call set-up 15 cents and 25 cents per minute will apply if not recharge.

For users who consume very little and mostly used the phone to receive calls, or they have very different consumption, there are still options prepayment without any minimum requirement to enjoy calls from 1 cent/minute with mobile Jazztel or 12 cents/minute without settlement between other alternatives that you can learn on our comparison rate prepaid.