Movistar Will No Longer Automatically Send The Invoice on Paper to All Its Customers

Mobile operators are still adjusting their expenses to adapt to the new times where prevail above all low-cost rates and the quality of the service provided although on occasions such as today, the saving would result in some small obstacles to certain segments that are accustomed to receiving the invoice on paper and do not want to hear or talk about internet Despite its advantages.

While Vodafone and Orange already implemented the e-invoice automatically for new customers from 2009 if you indicabas not otherwise, Vodafone took a step over when it started to charge 1 euro for paper invoice their customers with rates REDvolución and now Movistar has decided to stop sending paper bills to all its customers While not indicate otherwise.

Change shall be automatically with the Bill for the month of June Although Movistar will allow customers to reject this change and request to receive paper bills before the entry into force of the electronic free calling 900 101 665 or requesting it via this link in the web of Movistar.

Customers who do not notify their disagreement with the electronic invoice, only June may know the detailed consumption and billing through the online channel my Movistar but to enhance the experience, you will receive an SMS and an email with the amount of each month nothing more is issued the invoice and also will be able to view invoices with names stored on your calendar instead of seeing only the number as the invoice of paper among other advantages.