Movistar Zero and Total Become Definitive Rates, 0 Favorite Speech Disappears

They arrived two months supply of Movistar in an attempt to revive not convergent of the company mobile business although we lack the data of the CMT of these months to know if they have worked.

But in the own operator seem to rely on Movistar Zero and Total, rates that were announced as being only available until 31 May but which now definitely are incorporated into the company contract tariffs.

Both mobile rates came to market in April as the Movistar alternative for those who search for paying only for what they call a price impossible to reduce, save for the call set-up, and for those who did not want to worry about the number of minutes.

Despite the great disadvantage that have two rates, a compulsory stay of 18 months, the operator seems to rely on them to restore in a segment, the non-convergent mobile rates, which were completely messed up until the appearance of these.

Goodbye to speaking favorite 0

What if it disappears from this month is speaks followers 0 module, offering so far calls to zero cents per minute to a number, paying the 15 cents of establishment of call, in Exchange for a monthly fee of one euro.

A logical disappearance If we take into account that the same price per minute already Movistar zero offers him any national number and not having sense its hiring rate Movistar Total.