New Images of The LG E960, So-Called Nexus

The other day I show images of what we think will be the new Nexus, made by Koreans of LG. Today we have a couple of new images, in addition to some information.

With less commercial name LG E960 (Mako), again see clearly some details such as the absence of front buttons, a rounded design that leaves lines imposed on the Optimus family, and an attractive pattern on the rear (in the images of yesterday was better).

Information accompanying these new images have to do with the internal memory of the device, that Nexus 7 style, could stay in two options: 8 & 16 GB, both without possibility to expand. The truth is that with the tablet not has gone wrong, but we already know that there is a 32 GB in development version.

We remain confident in the rumored strategy that there is several Nexus in development, and LG is one of the chosen. If it were the only one, the terminal looks good, and would come to fix the main defect of LG, updates.


In Verge we can read that a device by LG, Nexus, appears on the Carphone Warehouse inventory: