Nexus 6: Now New Official Price 419 € 32 GB

We like immaginarcela so, a subsidiary company to Google within hours of the American holiday of July 4.

We have reformulated the price of Nexus 6 … No raga is a joke.

Although these tones, the gist of the matter is exactly that. If today the price of the Nexus 6 is lowered into the Google Store, today in Italy is back exactly the same as always: starts at € 499.

Considering that there were no special prices, weather, holidays or anniversaries, it is difficult to understand this waltz of the official price of the Nexus 6.

If the introductory price was a gamble, if the first restructuring has not helped sales, this latest misunderstanding continues to throw on poor Nexus 6 a “disaster” that certainly helps to popularize this device.

In short, nothing done and forget it … we were wrong (not us, Google).

Are you ready to buy the Nexus 6? If you have been waiting for second major drop in price hoping for a sudden drop of the street price, now stop to 399 €, the day has arrived. Google has indeed significantly lowered the price of its latest smartphone that will now be sold419.90 € directly from the Google Store (64 gigs to 469 €)

A figure of € 80 less than the previous one (remember that the smartphone is the second price drop) and they definitely will give very interesting surprises for the device guarantee Europe.We expect, therefore, by the end of the month e-commerce with Nexus 6 in 349 €, which would become so interesting as to make it almost impossible to choose a “cinesone 5.5 inch” instead of the Nexus 6.