No Stereo Speakers in iPhone 7 Despite Scrapped Minijack Port

Despite the fact that Mini Jack-gate in the upcoming iPhone 7 disappears, fills the empty space out with Apple is not an additional loudspeaker.

Probably the most controversial change in the not yet launched iPhone 7 are Apple’s farewell to the otherwise extremely well-known and widely used 3.5 mm minijackport primarily for listening to music.

Apple could possibly have chosen to make injury less by implementing an additional loudspeaker in the extra space in the left side, so there came a stereo configuration with even better sound. It is, however, hardly the case if it were up to the Apple-papers, which allegedly has been leaked from a factory Hall.

The papers consist of several schematic drawings with all details about iPhone 7s design as well as which materials and components, the phone consists of. The corresponding text, however, is in Chinese with only a few English words added to, so it’s not all there is to decipher.

One thing, however, is to decipher, and it is quite an interesting one at that. On one of the above images be seen bottom of iPhone 7, where the speaker holes next to each side of the Lightning-port is selected, each with a different indication. One side is called B1, while the second is called B2 – and so, it indicates that there is no hiding the same behind the two grids.

A closer look at some of the other photos show indeed that, in addition to B1 is placed the component ‘ MIC1 ‘ – so one of two microphones. An even closer look shows even code B4 above the grid, where the legend says that it is ‘ microphone 1 mesh ‘ – so the grid for the first microphone.

There is thus nothing to suggest that there is still need to save up an extra loudspeaker at the same place where the microphone in the bottom of the previous iPhones is located. You must therefore find an iPad where there are stereo speakers, if you want bigger sound on the go. It may, however, at the present time nor rejected that Apple improves sound quality on the already very good speaker.

So far, there is no other than to wait at first and foremost an invitation from Apple and then the actual unveiling of the phone, which may take place on Wednesday, 7 september.


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Purported iPhone 7 case pics suggest little will change ...