Nova Launcher 5.0 Now Available, Many Innovations to The Pixel Launcher

If you’re a Nova Launcher beta-tester probably notes not much difference in the latest update of Nova Launcher. Finally and after all, it is not more than the formalization of the news is they have been trying for the past months in ten betas.

Now, if you’re not a beta tester this update you Nova Launcher has changed a lot since the last stable version, version 4.3.1 May. Many of the innovations are inspired by Pixel Launcher, as the drawer of applications, the new Search bar or the Launcher shortcuts. These are all the innovations that you will find in Nova Launcher 5.0.

1. search bar to the Pixel

Nova Launcher 5.0 introduces the search with the “pill” bar Google. As with the rest of bar styles, you can customize which logo of Google want to use and the color of the pill in question.

While some betas the search bar included the possibility of including a weather forecast instead of the date, the function has been lost along the way and is not available in version 5.0 final.

2 drag to open drawer

Another novelty inspired by Pixel Launcher is the possibility of opening the applications drawer sliding upward instead of by touching the corresponding button. The option is not enabled by default, is located in Applications – Slide to open.

3 drawer of applications-style Pixel

The drawer of applications also includes a bar top search simplified and style similar to the Pixel Launcher. This bar replaces the tabs, so you must choose between one or the other.

4 Launcher shortcuts

Of course, could not miss the Launcher shortcuts, a feature that Google wanted to keep Android Nougat, but that we have been able to enjoy thanks to different launchers. In supported applications, with a prolonged touch opens a context menu.

Personally not to laugh much flicker of half a second where Nova doubt if you want to move the icon or shortcut menu-access, but at least the Launcher shortcuts seem to work better in the stable version. In previous betas, sometimes repeated menus.

5. other changes

Not only copy to Pixel Launcher lives the Launcher, and Nova Launcher includes other changes not strictly related, such as the following:

  • New lock screen by “Timeout”
  • New gesture of double-tap and scrolling
  • The bottom of the dock is spread behind the navigation bar
  • Quick Start in backup to easily configure the main options.

Nova Launchervaria depending on the device

  • Developer: TeslaCoil Software
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Customization