Now, “As Movistar” Get Offers in Catering, Accommodation, Leisure and Travel

Without making much noise, gradually operators points programs have been losing importance left in the background for Vodafone and Orange against alternatives as Renove style while Movistar already does not generate more points in their new rates as another effect of the end of subsidies so it seems that they are looking for new ways to try to retain customers.

Even though we have clear examples of MVNOs that have shown that the best way to keep true to its customers is offering a service of quality without too many additives, traditional resist to offer “gifts” to entice users also looking for that kind of detail. Today is born”As Movistar”a partner program similar to which we have already seen in Vodafone.

With this program, Movistar will offer Special deals and discounts on products and services of other companies as Mutua Madrileña, El Corte Inglés, McDonald’s, Cepsa, Visionlab, AC Hotels, AVIS, Bosch Car Service, and cinemas Abaco, Cinebox and helmet among others which will be incorporated in the next few weeks.

To be able to take advantage of discounts “as Movistar” will have to sign up at this link if you are a customer of any service in Movistar indicating what are your main interests. You’ll find all the updated information with the latest offers constantly renovated in your website or application for your Android smartphone that you can already download.