Now There Will Be Advertisements in HTC’s BlinkFeed-Nyhedsapp

HTC now inserts advertisements in BlinkFeed app that aggregates news stories on the home screen of your HTC phone.

If you take advantage of HTC’s app, BlinkFeed, for quick access to news stories from media around the world, you have to get used to sort news from advertising.

HTC writes in a blog post, that as of today starts to insert advertising between news stories in BlinkFeed.

It happens in the first place in a series of limited countries, counts United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Taiwan and China to HTC can identify changes in behaviour, it may be able to bring to you as a user.
The advertisements will consist of relevant promotions of apps through advertising partners like Yahoo, Twitter, Appia and HTC itself, which will advertise its own accessories and own products.


The reason for the new commercials are according to HTC, so you can more easily discover new and useful apps and or products and services when they appear in the BlinkFeed-the list in exactly the same way as traditional news. The only difference is a difficult visible “sponsored” text that appears in the corner of the advertisements.

If all goes well seen with HTC’s eyes, advertising material will spread to all other countries including Denmark-but in the first place so you can still enjoy the service in commercial-free form.

The advertisements may soon be removed

HTC also tells that you will later implement the ability to opt-out of these advertisements, but that is something that you actively even to do.

When the opportunity comes, however, nothing about the company.