One More Thing… Applications for The Insomnia, Correct Flaws in ICloud, Adventure Games

Heating up the summer, many us appraised from the beach or the mountain. For all those that you are not disconnected from the blogosphere, surely you already know the news that most likely on September 9 we will have Keynote. But even so the Hispanic blogosphere is still very active, let’s see what we have in store this week.

  • From the page Mobile World Capital Barcelona bring an article of opinion about break Apps. Many are the Wearables linked to mobile applications that monitor our dream. In this article they talk about whether they are placebo or work really, read it and comment yourself.
  • The PacMac guys bring us a tutorial that it will come from Pearl to anyone who has problems with his backup in iCloud of iOS devices. If it gives you some kind of mistake here you will learn how to erase the existing copy and make a new one from scratch.
  • From EsferaiPhone tell us about an adventure game called Jenny LeClue. This game with a very neat appearance is in Kickstarter project, although they have almost achieved the needed funding. When you arrive at our iOS devices sure that it is a real revolution.
  • Our brothers of Engadget show us an application for iOS of duplicate keys. As simple as a photo to our key and store them in the application to request a copy of it when we need it. Rather than You can generate doubts with regard to safety, but its makers claim to have it controlled.
  • From Unofficial can read a comparison between two applications of recommendations, Yelp and Foursquare. Not know that application used on your iOS device? Pass nothing, with this comparison won’t be able to get your own opinion.
  • The Christian blog speaks to us on this occasion on accounts suspended whatsapp. Apparently, it can happen that suspend you an account for various reasons (even by mistake). Here we explain what steps to take to reactivate our account again.
  • In Applesencia they bring us a list of 5 interesting applications for schemes and diagrams. All of them for iOS, so take a look if you are useful.
  • From Innoquant bring us the pros and cons of the technology Beacons with regard to another type of technology. If you want to be a little more informed of what will mean the gradual implementation of iBeacons, you should not miss this item detail.
  • Never it is more a series of free applications or discounted in the App Store. The guys at iPadizate are some real experts on it. We have our iPad and also, as not, for our iPhone.

Here our weekly summary of the best articles published by the Hispanic blogosphere. Remember that to send us any items always you can do so through the contact form on the page. Until the coming week.