Oneplus 2, Some Protective Cover Reveal the Likely Design

Once the protective “cover” may reveal some design elements of a new device. This time it’d be OnePlus 2 .

The manufacturer of accessories Orzly, in fact, has published on its website a series of covers for the next device of OnePlus. The covers are all characterized by an oval slot on the back that would coincide in part with the design of the device shown in some images “leaked” in past weeks.

According to rumors, on the back, below the camera, would have been placed biometric fingerprint recognition scanner. Features already confirmed officially by OnePlus. All covers will be available from next August 27. Oneplus will announce the new OnePlus 2 next July 27.

Certainly we know that the new device will cost less than $ 450, will have a USB port-C, a fingerprint reader, 4 GB DDR4 memory, a processor Snapdragon 810 and must have a film already applied on the display.

According to some “rumors”, instead, the new OnePlus 2 will have a metal shell and integrate a 16 megapixel rear camera, a 5 megapixel front, 64 gigs of memory and a battery from 3300mAh. As for the display, instead, it is called a 5.5 inch diagonal Full HD resolution. Rumors also weight 166 grams. Operating system, of course Android in version 5.1 Lollipop.

Oneplus 2 is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 367 euros. The value for money isdiscreet. There are 9 better models.