Operators with Own Network Agreed a Code of Good Practice for The Portability

More than once we have seen how mobile operators have engaged on account of the applications for portability customers or those who want it to be even to initiate a procedure sanction against Orange and several MVNOs coverage.

Clear that after being denounced for allegedly delaying Orange to purpose this portability applications responded with two complaints to Vodafone and Movistar for the same reason that ended with the main operators by signing the peace in the form of code of practice.

Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo They reported in December to CMT while it handled the latest denunciation of the French brand that they had reached an agreement that should stop the problems and complaints related to the portability requested by customers or future customers of these operators.

We have to remember that since that was implemented last summer mobile portability in 24 hours, which in practice takes two or three days without weekends or holidays of through, now is the receiver operator which is obliged to cancel a request change of operator if the client wants it when before it was contrary.

This modification was made to protect the customer against possible obstacles to let him go by the donor operator but also has a prejudice, and is that the receiver operator can hinder you to cancel the portability being the time against the client since it only has time until 14:00 on the day before to make effective the portability to cancel.

Waiting that the OMVs sign it

Now that four operators with own network have signed such an agreement with good intentions only lack that mobile operators virtual using the coverage of these also sign it, if they have not done so already, so all operators are involved in the and be improved in that aspect.

Many of these operators do not put into practice strategies in search that customers do not go to other operators. If you have a special relevance to join the code for the cancellations that they have to cancel many of them already only perform these procedures by phone or Internet.