Our Site expands in North Jutland

Aalborg, vesthimmerland and Rebild get better mobile coverage before the summer recess.

Our site are scrambling to put the two telecommunications companies’ networks together. After a not entirely smooth start up in the Centre of Aalborg move network amalgamations is now farther out in the country.

In the coming weeks get a large area from Redland Bay in the North to Winchendon in the South benefit from a much closer to 3 g networks. According to Telenor area includes the remaining part of the Aalborg as well as a large area south of Aalborg with Farsø, Aalestrup Aars, as cities, Arden, støvring and Dartford.

3 g merge in these areas is done in a period of five weeks. The start-up will be in week 23 and in week 27 is the last areas combined. To interfere with the companies ‘ customers as little as possible going on most of the merger in the wee hours, the device of course is still possible to use the two telecommunications companies, 2 g network.

When the nightly mergers is over, go technicians started after adjust the antennas in the territories in order to achieve the best possible coverage. Until this work is completed, the mobile Web is experienced as a little less stable.

-“Customers in the Centre of Aalborg has told us that the following network amalgamations in may month got good 3 g coverage in places where before only had 2 g coverage. 3 g makes a big difference for both conversation quality and data speeds. Therefore, we are pleased to now to spread the good 3 g coverage for a lot of clients both in Aalborg and in areas around Aalborg – and of course to the rest of the country in the coming months, “says our siter network Director, Richard S, in a press release.


In the framed area gets our site’s customers access to 206 cell towers. Today, our site 131 master in areas, which means that our site’s customers will soon get 57 percent more master to ensure stable 3 g coverage.

It provides the most spots a markedly better 3 g coverage both outdoor and indoor – mind you, without that there will be built new master.

Our site3 g sammenlæning is being implemented in stages, and it is expected to be fully implemented in the spring of 2014.