Overview: Exclusive Mini Test of Lumigon T2, iOS 7 single, Less Bling in Black and White and Is MobilePay Future Tender?

Read the first impressions of the Danish Android phone Lumigon T2-it, and more in this week’s overview.

The past week has featured a number of exciting news, among other things, then issued a press release for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, which is now official after rumors over the past several weeks.

But that’s not all, as the past week has featured. The long-awaited Danish smartphone Lumigon T2 is just also arrived in sale. It is the Web site Expansys, who sells the Danish Android phone.

We have had fingers in the phone completely exclusive, you can read our mini tests and first impressions, as well as view web-tv feature about Lumigon T2 phone.

The week has also featured on several news about iOS 7. Apple’s Chief Executive, Tim Cook, also confirmed that we have for this year’s WWDC Developer Conference will hear more about the future of iOS.

The NFC has for many years been the, which should give us mobile payments – but overtaken it right? Our site’s new application, MobilePay, gives at least something to think about and can perhaps be the future solution when it comes to mobile payments? It is less than a month downloaded more than 100,000 times.