Prices of The Smartphone with Vodafone Exclusive LG PRADA

Exclusive sales and with limited units, fans of Vodafone Facebook will have access to the LG PRADA 3.0 premiered this week and from Monday 20 February it opens the rest of stakeholders through the Online shop. From 659 euro in its free version to 0 euros with retention.

LG Will Present a New Smartphone with Processor Intel at CES 2012

According to the publication ‘ Korea Times ’, it seems that the LG / Intel collaboration to introduce a smartphone Android on Moorestown chipset in the past CES 2011 will have its sequel in the next contest that will take place between 10th and 13th January.

LG Fantasy, Another Windows Phone in Road

We have to go to the month of July to have read for the first time the name & #8220;Fantasy“, at that time was presented as a recreation of a phone LG, along with technical specifications.

LG Jil Sander with Windows Phone 7 for Sale in Europe

Come the holidays and we all know what that means: releases of many products by the leading manufacturers to slightly lift the sales of the year. LG is betting by recycle a product of almost a year old, baptizing it as LG Jil Sander.

My Basic Favorites: the White Shirt

You can count the day that I decided to fill my wardrobe with shirts, mostly white, as if it were a small collection.

The New Season of Adolfo Dominguez Has Very Good Pint

We are in August, but as you know, the brands begin to set their focus on the new season. With the heat we must go by choosing what we like between the various proposals and today are going to pass one that looks good by the brush strokes that have just released.

Pull & Bear Us Advances as Its Fall Will Be More Grunge

I know, read the word autumn and more than one you get a hot Flash only to imagine again with coats, thick sweaters and corduroy pants. But the fashion world lives advancements, and quench with eyedropper at those who are already eager to renew their wardrobes in the face next season.

Why They Dress Well?

The post who wrote the other day my fellow Bernatt has made me think (I recommend that you read it if you have not already done so). In it were raised why the interest that many of us have for fashion is considered by the rest as a frivolous, superficial and dispensable taste. Today I want • Read More »

The Best Street-Style of The Week (CLXXXII)

How it shows we’re in summer, than to the Street-styles are dressed in shorts, t-shirts and swimwear. So this week we’re going to focus on some totally summer looks to pick up some ideas.

Five Male Style on Instagram Users (I)

The possibilities offered Instagram they are endless, and how it could be otherwise, many are the men who boast of their personal style when it comes to dress through this social network. So today I bring you a first selection of five instagramers that follow and that I consider references for different reasons.

Cool T-Shirts for This Summer. All Heading to The Pool!

So much whining because the heat did not arrive, that has now come together. That Yes, we will not complain if it returns to leave. But what if we are going to do is take a look at some items that can help us to better withstand high temperatures. And between them can not miss • Read More »

The Spring-Summer 2014 of Topman Tea Will Lead to The Dark Side

We follow the trends of London Collections and we are dedicated to discovering the proposals that the House Topman It has prepared for the summer season of next year. On this occasion, the fashion from the British Isles seems to soak up the culture of the American West in a collection that will surely leave nobody indifferent (for better • Read More »

L.B.M, The Italian Classicism That Best You Will Feel to The Autumn This 2013

If there is some kind of Haute Couture, which almost always captivates me and conquer, that is the Italian. I recognize that the classicism in shapes and textures It is something that has always captivated me and if this add a clean preppy style, that leave out the more young and informal and committed to a vision that is • Read More »

Hackett London Us Shows That The 1960s Will Still Be Fashionable The Next Spring-Summer 2014

The traditional House of fashion Hackett London spring-summer 2014 presented on Monday his collection. Inspired by the 1960s, the parade of the British firm was a Magic exercise Thanks to the suitability of their enclave and setting in scene. Of course, successful ensembles which were also took much of the blame for this success. Do not miss it!

Simple and Effective: The Spring-Summer 2014 Is That We Will Bring Richard James

Before interfere fully in the week of the fashion of Milan, we said goodbye to in London Collections with the review of the trends proposed by Richard James. Located in the epicenter of tailoring, Savile Row, the firm has presented a collection of minimalist and relaxed ways that a server has been a success. Do not miss it!