Adventures in Shangri – by Dsquared2 and Its Collection Spring-Summer 2014

Had James Hilton in his novel ‘Lost Horizons’ (1933), which Shangri-la – the It was a paradise of eternal happiness with people almost immortal and inaccessible to outsiders. Maybe Hilton did not have that brothers Dean and Dan Caten, body and soul of Dsquared2, they are capable of anything.

Lessons of Greek and Roman History at The Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer 2014

Lately all Dolce & Gabbana collections are, eyes the Viewer, the most attractive and versatile is the reason? That their patterns and notes that harmonize the entire collection are the less very patriotic and symbolic. And this spring-summer 2014 could not be different as he has made clear in the Milan fashion week.

Rain Fashion Style

Since I have grown wings and flown away from home and from my Napoli, I learned to deal with the ‘winter Romagna characterized by a humid climate and rainy completely different from what I have left the South.

Julian Red Clothing

We visited CPH Vision fair in Copenhagen yesterday and met a long-awaited interview person. In a tiny booth stood Mattias on Julian Red Jeans and showed her new collection of enthusiastic Japanese buyers from Beams.

Vivara Launches Limited Collection

Thinking about making a difference in the lives of several children, Life by Vivara has just launched a limited collection in partnership with “Make-A-Wish Brasil”, one of the institutions that supports children with serious diseases that is better known and respected in the world.

Fundstucke: What’s Going on Ebay?

Today I made an interesting discovery for you: Seiko has a quite popular Vintage model nicknamed “helmet” reissued. (No, not the clock up-she’s coming later). The first new helmets can be found already on ebay (affiliate link). The retro design is, I think, extremely well managed. And the prices are also fair.

Marcello C: Rheinland Instead of Geneva or Glashutte

High-quality watches with Swiss works In times of soaring prices for luxury watches, the small manufactory Marcello C in the Rhineland near Aachen is a Gallic village. Since 1993, Marcell Kainz and his watchmakers have been building high-quality timepieces with Swiss work for the normal purse.

Shoes for Winter

A few weeks ago we treated the subject of elegant lace boots. In today’s article, we thought about renouncing the finesse instead of focusing on durability and durability. Here are some of the winter’s footwear for footwear.

Children’s Day Gifts

Toys, clothing, footwear and games always appear prominently at the time of choosing the Children’s Day gift as they are among the children’s favorite items.

How to Choose His Bag Airbag Anti Avalanche

A few years ago, you hear ABS or AIRBAGS and you still thought “a guy who will pitch you with the mechanics of his Peugeot 206 decorated with pink neon lights”. And you were right! But today more excuse, systems of ABS, snow pulse or even BCA backpack airbags could save you from an avalanche. They do not replace the triptych ARVA, shovel and probe, but used in • Read More »

Done Size: Choose the Right Bra Ensures Comfort and Beauty

Research conducted by lingerie brand Liz with more than 20000 in Brazil showed that 80 percent of them wear bras in sizes inadequate. But, with simple tips, you can choose a piece that fits well to the body and provide comfort to the woman.

Sleep Through the Night Baby Tips

Reassure him Your baby past a lot of time sleeping (more!), also needs a bed or a comfortable cradle, in which he will recognize his scent, familiar colors, hismobile… Avoid changing it to bed unless you go away for the weekend, for example.Then take his little Cot, in which he will take the habit of • Read More »

Black Friday

With its origins in the United States, Black Friday has already become a tradition in many countries. The day is celebrated with great discounts from well-known brands worldwide. Here in Brazil could not be different, and MktMix customers have entered the climate and have released the discounts of this year, check below:

Lifestyle Sunday Chic

Schwups and we are already in the sixth month of the year. Time flies in flight. And this week, too, passed us back in the fast run. For this reason, I am always very happy about the Sunday, when I can quietly again the current issue of the Lifestyle Sunday to lead. In this one you can find all • Read More »

A Retro Dress

For some years, the words vintage and retro are part of everyday life of the fashionistas on duty. And the success that they have done in the everyday is exactly the same when the issue at hand is the bridal fashion. Who’s to say it’s the stylist colatinense Terezinha Pedruzzi. “The retro doesn’t go out of fashion because • Read More »

Beach Exits High Summer

To unseat the reign of traditional sarongs, beach exits, tendency to a few seasons, with even more strength this summer 2012. Bringing a visual, comfortable, very sophisticated and modern. They are casual and light versions now, in the form of shirts, now more daring models, full of elegance and sensuality, with focus on stamping, scrapbooking and transparency.

Classic Fashion from Italy

That interest for classical men’s fashion is big is out all doubts. Although there is a certain charm in to dress according to the season’s fashion, usually garments that will age slowly become favorites in the closet. In the past we have written about the British men’s fashion this fall. Therefore, we thought now sets the focus to a bit • Read More »