Boat Wedding Ideas

Getting married in boat: how to organize an unforgettable wedding! The wedding by boat is perfect for lovers of the sea: the wedding celebrated in this way are very unique and special, so every detail will be taken care of at best. Then discover How to organize a ceremony … is booming!

So Is The Range of Smartphones from Motorola

Motorola fulfilled their agenda a few months ago, renewing the Moto G (third generation) and that from 2015 would be the range Moto X unfolding its top in two terminals, the Play X and X Style, and having previously renewed its most affordable terminal, the Moto E. Many had however put the eyes on a • Read More »

Tips on How to Wear Leggings at the Academy

Black legging + fluffy sweater A classic and simple way to be stylish too. The tip is to bet on a black legging that helps to disguise the circumference of the legs. The blouse more loosey-goosey covering helps prevent bottom see more than you want to. Academy legging fabrics tend to be very thin almost • Read More »

LG Announces Its New Midrange Terminals: The K7 and K10

Start the drip of news which we will see in Las Vegas during CES 2016, the technology fair which starts the agenda of presentations of the manufacturers and is always one of the main references in the year around the world. Today is LG who announces part of what will be at the booth: two • Read More »

Trench Coat Female: How to Use? 105 Modern Looks

For those who like to create stylish looks for winter, it is worth investing in trench coat.This piece is a real joker for days of cold, because it can be used in various combinations and different ways.Let’s know more about this trend?

HTC One X 9 Already Is Official: These Are Your Features

As we were promised the Taiwanese, its next release would come on Christmas Eve, although it has not need wait for the night to receive it. The HTC One X 9 was launched today but thanks to the leaks already had his own image rather than formed, in fact seeing how even worked in a short video.

4 Tips for Using Men’s Denim Shirt Without Fear

Depending on your age the denim has always been present in your wardrobe. Despite being a former tissue, dating back to the 18th century, it was only from the years 1970 he became article sets through the hands of the designer Calvin Klein, the first to put the jeans on the runway – causing shock • Read More »

Male Jeans: How to Wear?

Jeans are the most basic and obligatory part of any person’s wardrobe. It’s that basic but remarkable piece that never leaves you in the habit of creating different looks for any occasion.

Women’s Sweater: One-Piece, Thousand Ways to Wear!

You may have heard of trend slip dress , a model of dress style sweater with thin straps with lightweight and fluid fabrics that brings sensuality and femininity to production. Besides being a great choice for summer, it can also be used in any season.

The Sales of BlackBerry Priv Arrived in February: Will Make Changing The Trend?

Recently, the economic performance of BlackBerry in the third quarter of 2015 were published. A few numbers as I discussed were still showing losses, even though they were lower than planned in part by sales of the BlackBerry Priv and benefits for its software products. But, has managed BlackBerry really recover with the Priv?

Fashion Gothic – When the Black Dress Black

Just talk to any woman, even a teenager, to register account wishing to differentiate themselves from the other women for the party gala that awaits them. Most of the dresses are common, similar and very traditional in appearance, therefore, the only way to differentiate between the crowd, is to choose a gothic dress.

8 Tips for Choosing the Neckline of Your Wedding Dress

Before choosing the type of neckline that your wedding dress is going to wear, pause for a moment and think about what it is that you feel most comfortable with in your daily life: this will help you to find the right one, in addition To choose the one that best suits you according to your • Read More »

They’re Back: Anklets

Who does not remember, back in the early 2000s, how the anklets made the greatest success and were they feeling, especially on summer days? Behold, after years of being sidetracked – and even considered cheesy, no one wanted to know about them – the accessory is spinning over. 

LG Zero: 5 Inches and Construction in Metal for 200 Euros

More than two months ago LG had in his country the LG Class, a terminal that, unpretentious in terms of specifications, drew attention for being built in metal, stands out from the rest of Mobile brand. At that time we didn’t know if they would extend their distribution, and He has finally crossed the border to • Read More »

The Perfect Engagement Ring for a Passionate Couple

It all started with a passionate desire.The desire to surprise your beloved, to make an irreproachable request and demonstrate all your love translated in the smallest details.The design of this engagement ring was developed exclusively to represent the purest love of a beautiful couple who arrived at Casa São Paulo through a message on the • Read More »

Typhoon Fashion in Xxl

The fashion line Typhoon is a brand of the German fashion label Gerry Weber and presented a wide audience for the first time in 1989. Since then the feminine collections from”Typhoon” are among the best sellers of the fashion house.