Losses in The Quarterly Balance for Lenovo for The First Time in 6 Years: Motorola Came out Very Expensive

Bad times to play purchases, and if that does not say it to Lenovo. The manufacturer was news at the beginning of 2014 for purchasing 20% Motorola 2.910 million company, which previously was owned by Google (from 2011). Today Lenovo presents the economic balance belonging to the second quarter of fiscal year 2015-2016, and for the first • Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit

There are so many types of bodies as women. And when it comes to choosing bikinis or swimsuits, complicates the choice of the perfect garment.

Can Bras Cause Cancer?

Breast cancer known from ancient times many centuries before modern diagnostic devices were invented. On the other hand, the bra is a very modern invention, with just over 1000 years old. Luman L. Chapman joined two small baskets to the bodice in 1863 and Marie Tucek registered the invention as a breast support in 1893.

HTC: Falling Sales and Silent in Future

Numbers, of balance sheets and see how days gone the quarter. Companies spend now to collect your notes and we, the consumers, we have put them the note as we have invested in them or not. The mobile market is no exception, and in fact recently we talked about the results of Line. Today talk • Read More »

Top Bra: Wears Well with Maximum Comfort and Style

Who has never taken a step in our timeline to find inspiration when it comes to choosing new lingeries? Check out here the top feminine bra styles that have everything to do with you and that can not miss this season.

CRU Swimwear: the New Brand of Handmade Swimwear

They are crocheted and lycra-lined by four seamstresses – of those really serious-in Lisbon. When in 2015 she decided to do Erasmus in Holland, Catherine Gil had too much free time. The 22-year-old girl-already a graduate in dental medicine and a bachelor’s degree in management-needed something to occupy her and “perform 100 percent” during her free • Read More »

Guide to Buying Your Smart Watch / Smartwatch

If you are thinking of buying a Smartwatch watch, you must take into account some data before making the decision. If you are hesitating because you think it may be a fad, or it is a device too “geek”, data indicate that in the year 2015 have sold 17.1 million wearable devices. Are you going to • Read More »

Epo Nautika Hand Flashlight

Product description The Eko Nautika Flashlight is very practical and easy to use because it has built-in plug for charging directly into a standard 110v or 220v outlet, extremely durable battery, can charge more than 200 times and each charge of 10-12 hours generates from 5 to 6 Hours of light.Perfect companion for your adventures.

Test the New Watch from the Tokyoflash Brand, the Kisai X

TokyoFlash a Japanese company in charge of manufacturing exclusive and limited watches, which returns to charge with a new design, the TokyoFlash Kisai X, a surprising wristwatch inspired by LED pyramids that really hide the digital time.

Gizmo Black Diamond Head Flashlight

Product description The Gizmo Headlight is super lightweight and extremely compact. Gizmo has 3 types of brightness, high brightness, medium light and strobe type.A single button to control light types by pressing and holding for 3 seconds to change the type of light.Lantern suitable for various activities, hiking, biking, climbing and cave activities.It has automatic shutdown after • Read More »

Versatile Jewelry You must Have!

You need Versatile Jewelry! If you’re like us and has thousands of accessories, but sometimes is too lazy to open the door to change jewelry, this post is for you!

Turning Your Computer into an Alarm Clock

These days a friend asked me if I knew of any program to turn the computer into an alarm clock. I looked up and found some legal right in Sourceforge, but seemed not the best option. We came to the conclusion that the simplest way would be to use Windows Task Scheduler.

Wall Stickers

Nowadays most people have been looking for ways to become original and avant-garde. One of these forms has manifested itself in the decoration of their homes, using personalized wall stickers that give each room, room, living room or kitchen an original look, beautiful, elegant, fun and versatile. The stickers, in addition to adapting to any style are • Read More »

10 Steps to a Wedding Fashion

If I were to count on one hand how many people I know are getting married or are engaged, it would have to find other hands to finish the count. But today, with the technology in our hands and wonderful image apps like Instagram, and have Pinterest contact with various tips and inspirations for this • Read More »

HTC: No Value for Investors

HTC He has not hit bottom, it has gone beyond. After months of falls and with results of sale far expectations, today the Taiwanese company jumps to holders by worth less than the capital that it has in the Bank, which for investors means that it has no value, according to Business Insider points.