The Wedding Gift Idea: Fortune Cookies with Money

Creative money gifts to the wedding-fortune cookies are a popular party gag, they are suitable as well as creative wedding gift. The verdict sheet in the pastries can be relatively easily replaced by banknotes or herself make the small cookies. Will be really creative!

Apple Denies Plans about His Virtual Mobile Operator

Just yesterday we were doing echo of information claiming to have Business Insider about the tests would have been doing Apple as regards your own virtual mobile operator in the United States. Today is the company who denies the information as CNBC announced. BREAKING: Apple says it has not discussed & is not planning MVNO cellular service following reports saying • Read More »

Technique for Fishing with Bait Alive

Well here we are again with the second part of this important article that you must put into practice as soon as possible, since fishing with live bait has become extremely popular in every corner of the planet. If you have not read the first part of the article, I suggest that you stop reading • Read More »

Top 5 Brands of Sportswear for Cycling

With these brands of cycling sportswear you will use the best of the best In our blog you have found articles dedicated to the necessary clothes to go out to roll by bicycle and examples of what you must use for each climate; However, we have not told you which are the best brands of sportswear for cycling. For this reason, we • Read More »

Makeup Tips for Your Eyes

It doesn’t matter if you have blue eyes, Brown or green eyes, they are the focal point of our face. While Eye makeup highlights both the color as your form, helps to harmonize with the rest of the face. Depending on the colors that you want to use, you can get some colorful and be • Read More »

Nail Art Designs for Summer

Summer is coming and with it also increases the desire to play with the colors and trying new trends. To pay homage to the summer, why not start from the nails making room for new glazes to add to our collection? We never before have the opportunity to indulge: the 2015 summer trend of manicures are lots!

Royal Wedding Dresses: As in a Fairy Tale

Royal Wedding dresses never remain unnoticed: they are praised or criticized by fans of fashion, but they are always remembered throughout history. These are the most famous Royal dresses. Which would you choose?

Women’s Backpacks for the Academy

The woman, no matter where she goes, needs to carry numerous accessories with her. But you need to have a bag for every occasion. It is not possible, for example, to bring a social scholarship to the gym. In fact, even gives, but many are uncomfortable because of fashion and appeared. Therefore, you can opt for women’s backpacks for gym, • Read More »

The Good State of Form That Is You Is a LG after CES 2015

It is interesting to see the evolution in the market of LG, more than the sales itself, by the appreciation that gaining the mark each passing year. The Koreans they arrived late to Android, There were many companies that were more clever as they tonteaban with Microsoft, but the well-done job is giving results.

Boots that Never Go out of Fashion

Boots that never go out of style can help you not bet in fleeting trends and disposable. Have you ever noticed how that fashion changes very fast? And if you’ve noticed that I’m sure you noticed that some things are trends after a few years without being high. The issue is that the designers who make • Read More »

Ray Erika

A Super Charming Model That Is Already Part Of The Classics Of Ray-Ban Brand Think of a divine glasses, did you? There is no other adjective to define the Ray Ban Erika, a model full of style and charming.

HTC Back to Record Profits, But You Can Not Sleep

As he is moving the market, and the constant bleeding of HTC, the most normal thing was to expect negative results by the Taiwanese company. Fortunately it has not happened, registering second-quarter income of the year. The data have not undergone audit before being presented, but are official

Movistar Makes Cleaning of Special Rates Leaving Take The Offer without ADSL and Mobile Internet [Updated]

UPDATE: From Movistar assure us that not be charged excess data, as we published this morning. I apologize for the confusion and we offer more details inside the post. Since Movistar He later released the zero rates and Total, had hidden nearly the rest of their Special rates who had remained there available to whomever was interested in hiring them, but • Read More »