Parrot Zik 2.0-Good Sound and Exceptional Noise Reduction [Test]

Review: a few well designed headphones with Naughty features, good sound and great noise reduction.

Parrot call their main phone, Zik 2.0, for the world’s most advanced headphones. It may sound complicated or scary, but the fact is that the Parrot Zik 2.0 is advanced on the user-friendly way. Zik 2.0 has even good sound and exceptional noise reduction.

The headphones are wireless and connects to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 3.0. Zik 2.0 has been given the predicate “Made for” Apple’s products, but there are custom-designed apps for both iOS and Android.

Designed by Phillipe Starck

As the name implies, is this enough Zik 2.0 second edition of the Parrots head phone. It is designed by the renowned French designer Philippe Starck, who is also known for its furniture and lamp designs.

Are neatly and stylishly designed with functional details, which for example makes it possible to turn the headphones, so the “folded” and easier to slip into a bag.

The feel is solid and well constructed, and the overall impression exudes quality, although they are large portions “only” is covered with a leather-like material.

The feeling around the ear is pleasant and ear padsene has a good size, which above all not squeezes the ears.

Lots of thoughtful features

The betjeningsmæssige features are built into the headphones, absolutely beautiful there only has one visible button: On/off. At first glance it will disappoint many gadgetfreaks, but the whole of the right part of the headset hides a hidden touchoverflade.

By swiping your finger up or down, screwed that up and down the volume, respectively. Placed on your finger horizontally forward or back, you can jump back and forth between the tracks in your playlist.Finally, a single tap in the middle of the surface pause or resume music playback.

It might sound complicated, but it works great in a simple and intuitive after a few attempts, and then there was still something to starved gadgetfreaks.

But it doesn’t stop here. The music pauses automatically if you take them off – and then start the music, of course, when you take them on again!


Good sound and exceptional noise reduction

Out of the box have Parrot Zik perfectly good audio quality, where 2.0, however, I find the treble slightly strident and with a little lack of bottom in the bass.

It can, however, quickly remedied, if you download rodes Parrots app for Zik 2.0, where the soundscape can be adjusted via a single interface that will be used by most people.
The big shine number we come to when we begin to listen to Zik 2.0 ‘s ability to close unnecessary noise out. With noise reduction enabled almost all noise from the surroundings can be closed out, and in a degree so it impresses large.

The six built-in microphones picks up ambient noise and filters it efficiently from. Although a speaker stand beside and play loud music, it does not interfere with the experience as long as you retain the headphones on. Fantastic.

Battery life and charging time

Battery life depends on how you use Zik 2.0. By wireless use DropSend Parrot a battery life of 6 hours, which is just over the edge. I’ve typically could squeeze about 5 hours out of them, but this time can be extended if you instead use a cable as a link between the headset and the phone.

The chic goes, however, little of it, if you must use cable, which I hardly need to itemize.

Charging is done via USB. That included good enough a USB cable, but no power supply, then here you must go out and borrow from your phone or tablet.

Conclusion – Quality costs money

Although the Parrot Zik 2.0 has been on the market for a while, it’s still a very special product with a nice design and many thoughtful details. The sound quality is good and noise reduction completely in top!

With the negative glasses include a short battery life between charging and a relatively high price. But here we must simply conclude that quality costs money.

Since Zik 2.0 came on the market around the turn of the year was the price 3,000 dollars. Now available the product for a little less than 2,200 dollars, which makes it a little more palatable, though still at the high end.