Payment on Invoice of Movistar Also Comes to Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub

Increasingly there are more users looking for to pay applications or other purchases related to them on smartphones by invoice your mobile operator for fear of having to get the data of a credit card at the store or place.

Y Movistar, that it already had agreements with Google, BlackBerry, Microsoft or Facebook, now added to your list to a new and important business, and have now customers also may pay on invoice purchases in stores of Samsung.

The agreement applies to all purchases made in Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub, in which Movistar clients can be made both with applications such as music, videos, books, games and other content passing the charge corresponding to their bills or the balance in the case of the prepayments.

Payment on invoice or by the balance in the case of the prepaid discount is a most required option lately by users, for example to pay WhatsApp license, although that There is a risk very easy to put the payment and to lose the perception of the purchased or to make accidental purchases.

The only users who can access it are those of Movistar and Vodafone, which can charge on their bills the purchases made in the Play Store of Android and the BlackBerry AppWorld and now the only Samsung stores Movistar clients.