Portal: Files from PC to Android-Easily and Quickly [Tip]

The team behind the popular Pushbullet-app is back with a simple but powerful addition.

Apple users have long enjoyed the interaction between the iPhone and Macs that merges message writing and notifications together.

Here have Android enthusiasts had to resort to alternatives from third-party developers. Among them is one of the more prominent Pushbullet, forward incoming calls or messages to the desktop on your PC, so that you as a user can quickly determine whether action is needed.

Can Pushbullet make you aware of new stories from your favorite news site, and you can read here how to get an RSS feed as notifications. It is also possible to get our site news via this app.

Portal for easy transfer

Pushbullet-team seeks to create simple and usable solutions – of which came Portal. Since the phone’s notifications are forwarded to the PC, it is now time to go the other way.

With the Portal you will get for the ability to transfer files from your computer to your Android phone. This could Pushbullet already, but since the Portals file transfer takes place, the sole purpose of which is both faster and easier.

How to get the Portal:

1. Start with searching the Portal of Google Play Big or press here

2. Open the app and login with Google or Facebook

3. Open your browser and go to Portal.pushbullet.com (no desktop application, so save possibly as a bookmark)

4. Scan the QR code with your phone

5. You can now drag files to the browser window that you want on your Android phone


  1. Exit by pressing “disconnect”.

Since all data transfer takes place via WiFi, you risk not to use up your monthly surftilladelse. Likewise, you can transfer even files that take up more than 1 GB.

As icing on the cake is the Portal also intelligent. Pictures are transferred to your favorite gallery application and automatically gather around music record player.