Pregnant? So You Can Now Follow the Pregnancy in the New Application

Pregnant women often have a number of questions and now you no longer need to buy stacks of books – new application guides you.

Pregnant women are seeking mostly piles of information in various books and on the Internet, and now they have gotten help yet further – as in a new mobile application. The application is called “pregnant – while you wait”.

Behind the new application stands Midwife Association, Committee for health education and safe Fund and they are trying to cover the pregnant women’s information needs on your mobile phone – there is the media most of us have almost. It writes our site.

-“If you are in doubt about something, do you get the answer right away. We should not wait until you get home and can look it up and so have the app also has a calendar, which, inter alia, can save its midwife agreements together with the questions that you have to remember to ask at the next consultation, “explains Koval Dansgaard.

What you can with the application?

In the application you can read about pregnancy, be reminded when it’s time to midwife visits, as well as showing the way to the food section you should give birth on.

There is also the possibility to make a diary with space for your own thoughts and photos, follow the pregnancy week by week, get tips on everything from health to food and exercise during pregnancy, birth preparation with video instruction on exercises and rest positions, midwife advice on pregnancy discomfort and – complications as well as birth, pain relief and time right after birth.

In addition to it, so you can find contact information on all food places in Denmark, if there should be a need for this.

You can download the application for 19 crowns in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Big.