Samsung Adds 16 New Themes in Its Thematic Catalog

Now you can decorate your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with 16 new themes, which can be downloaded in theme shop.

Samsung has gradually quite a large catalog of themes, but there is in techverdenen a broad consensus that most of them are not particularly welcoming with the many children’s themes, crazy colors and fun buttons and fonts.

Now it may be that you get luck with finding a theme that you like in Samsungs theme store, for which has just been 16 new ones. It writes SamMobile.

Every Thursday update Samsung its thematic catalog with new submitted and approved themes from designers, and so it is now that time of the week.

Themes offers everything from black and gloomy to the very colorful and over to the more stylish. They are all completely free just like all the previous themes, which can be downloaded in theme shop.

Below you can view all the 16 new themes, which you can try out on your Samsung Galaxy A6 or S6 Edge by going to Settings» Themes» catalog» “This week’s new themes”.

Two themes on the way in the original Android-design

If you prefer to replace the TouchWiz-theme with Google’s original design language, which is called the Material Design, Samsung store soon can offer you this.

A designer has got approval from Samsung on two themes in Material Design style, which differs significantly from many of the themes that fill the theme store at this time. On the two themes will be included in the next round in a week’s time, is not known. Until then you can at least view them below.