Samsung Announced Its Own Version of The Airpods with Galaxy S8

Apple wasn’t the first to remove the minijack from their mobile star. Other brands such as Lenovo, Oppo, or LeEco had done before, but what is clear is that the headphone jack has its days numbered. There have been other brands such as HTC, who have followed this trend and everything indicates that they will add more in future.

Samsung Galaxy S8, one of the mobile star expected for 2017 would also eliminate the earphones Jack. In this way, the port of loading (USB-C in the case of Android devices) will have a new task and will also make port headphone, but Samsung would go further, and to compete with the Apple Airpods, launch a pair of headphones wireless along with the Galaxy S8.

Cables? No thanks

It is still early to say this forcefully, but all indications are that the mobile landscape will give a turn in the direction of the wireless audio and Samsung could be one of the brands in bet on this formula.

In addition to the classic EarPods, Apple also offers the option of the AirPods for those not wishing to walk tangled with wires and Samsung doesn’t want to be left behind. That says the rumor posted by SamMobile, where claim that Samsung will announce a couple of wireless earphone in-ear along with the S8.

Still It is not known if they will be included in the pack of sale or sold separately as the solution of the Apple brand. Ideal for users, and to compete in a more aggressive way, would be to come in the retail box, although completely eliminate the option of using headphones with cable might be too risky, especially if you remove the minijack.

Samsung already has several wireless headphones in their catalog of accessories. Stand out above all the Gear IconX, headphones for sport that integrate quantifier and touch panel, but also offer other as the Level U Pro or the Level On design type headband. We will have to wait for the month of April to see which solution is presented along with the Galaxy S8.