Samsung Dishes up a Large Security Hole in Your Keyboard

Samsung promises now to rectify a major security flaw that potentially affects more than 600 million. Samsung smartphones.

Samsung and SwiftKey responding shortly after the publication of a security flaw that could affect over 600 million. Samsung smartphones with Android operating system and promises to send out an update as soon as possible.

Samsung and SwiftKey is only a day time following publication of security hole in it preinstalled Samsung keyboard out with a statement about what the companies now will do.

In a blog post on SwiftKeys website which of unknown causes is now deleted, throws the team behind SwiftKey light on, what is up and down in the matter of the security hole, which yesterday was reported by security company, NowSecure.

Herein tells a spokesperson from Samsung the following about the handling of the problem:
“Samsung takes potential security threats very seriously. We are aware of the case, as some media have described in recent times, and works dedicated to give our customers the latest in mobile security.
Samsung KNOX can update your’ security policy, OTA (over-the-air), in order to eliminate the potential vulnerabilities. Updates of security policy will be initiated over the next few days.

In addition to implementing updates of security policy, we also work closely with SwiftKey on dealing with potential risks going forward. “

In addition to that you can expect a security update through the KNOX-module in your Samsung smartphone SwiftKey also clarifies how the security hole closer to work.

Such is the error in Samsung’s keyboard

As the story yesterday reported, your Samsung smartphone must be connected to a vulnerable WiFi network, as a common command with evil intent is behind. Here through it can be done with special tools to gain access to the smart phone.

The vulnerability is only possible in the moment when the keyboard checks for updates to the language packs. The details are not included in how it can be done, but yesterday’s disclosure from the security people tells that it is due to an insecure and unencrypted connection in keyboard.

There must be exceptional circumstances, to before your personal information is found the, but the option is there anyhow, and the Samsung will now eliminate with a prompt security update through Samsung KNOX.

This happens despite the fact that Samsung is alleged to have been, knowing about the error since november 2014 and have continued to use the same flawed technology in the keyboard after having released the first round of security updates in the month of March.

If you are among the many users of the normal SwiftKey keyboard available in Google Play, touches on the error you do not and you can continue to use the keyboard as you normally would without bekymringe you.