Samsung Galaxy S4-the Year’s MOst in-Demand Android [Web]

Web TV: Galaxy S4 is popular with buyers, but how well is Samsung’s latest top of the range. See this test.

Galaxy series has helped to make Samsung into the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, and with a spread of Android at up to 75 percent of all units sold in the first quarter of 2013, Samsung is also in some circles been equated with Android.

Everyone’s eyes rested on the Samsung as Galaxy S4 was presented in March 2013. But even though S4’eren is innovative in many ways, it is, unfortunately, sometimes in areas that do not provide the great meaning in everyday life.

Conferred so that not all parts of the new functionality is geeky completely finished, it becomes not just a product experience, there stands the legs out from under us.

In the above web-TV feature we review some of the good as well as bad sides of the Samsung Galaxy S4.