Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Smashes the Competition in Battery Testing

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 Active with the huge battery 3500 mAh beats all competitors with lengths in a battery test. See the result here.

The latest top model from Samsung, Galaxy S6 Active, which is a hardy variant of the popular Galaxy S6, are doing extremely well in a battery test conducted by ago Phone Arena.

With the entire 12 hours and 9 minutes of consumption takes Active leadership with Galaxy S6 lengths down to its competitors. Sony Xperia Z3 has long held 1. in this test, but must now look beaten by Active-variant of Samsung’s Galaxy S6, there hides a huge battery 3500 mAh.

It is almost 40% more battery in relation to the normal Galaxy S6, then, is enough to give a battery life, there is the whole 68% longer. Compared to LG G4 and, to a certain extent, HTC One M9 keeps the Galaxy S6 Active about power in twice the time.

The test will be conducted by running a special developed script on the phones, trying to imitate a consumption from a typical smartphone user. At the same time monitor the strength is adjusted to the same brightness, so that the results are comparable.

Still quick to let up

Although the large battery holds power for much longer than all competitors, Samsung still maintains a relatively quick opladetid from 0 to 100%.

Where the common Samsung Galaxy S6 is best in this test with 78 minutes, it still succeeds only on 103 minutes with Galaxy S6 Active. It is better than HTC One M9 ‘s 106 minutes and LG G4 ‘s 127 minutes. Taken the large battery into account, it is certainly not bad.