Samsung Still Believes in The Galaxy Note… and Rumor Already Anticipate The Future Features Note 8

With CES 2017 to the doors and the hype in motion machine, it is more than logical view to the major players in the industry in all wars. Nobody will miss because they multiply the information around Samsung, even more so if we take into account that in the Korean firm still you dragging the failure of a Galaxy Note 7 which should be commanding the Android catalog with an iron fist.

Everyone waits for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and on it focuses all the attention, but the truth is that surely your presentation be delayed a few weeks regarding the MWC 2017. Perhaps because of this calm that given time, the Korean media are running today the future of the Galaxy Note range, Fortunately is not dead despite the fiasco of the last two iterations.

Not it is the best time to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, still with the final report of the problem of Note 7 in the dark and without published, but the information comes from close to Samsung media and seems to refer to the statements by the CEO of one of the partners who work with the Korean manufacturer, so we could not avoid them whenever that Samsung It has been confirmed that the Galaxy Note go ahead and this year will see a new model.

Panel 2K for the Galaxy S8, and 4K for the Galaxy Note 8, thinking of the VR

As a surprise you’ll be thinking when reading that the S8 Galaxy will return to bet on panels SuperAMOLED QHD 1. 440p, and you could think the same if we say that Note 8-Galaxy will raise the resolution to improve the response of virtual reality Gear VR goggles, which again Samsung intended to accompany their most cutting-edge devices.

So, expected a 8 Note with a 4K UHDV resolution SuperAMOLED panel, that it takes the matrix of pixels until the 3.840 x 2.160 but which we do not have any data about its size. Remember that the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium already used in its day a panel with these figures in 5.5 pugadas, but the note 8 expected 5.7 or 6 inch minimum.

Samsung will use a panel with 2K resolution in Galaxy S8, but will use one with 4K resolution in Galaxy Note 8 to improve the functions of virtual reality.

Summary of statements published in Korean media

Still remains to be seen what hardware will move such resolution matrix and how it will try to alleviate the problems of energy consumption of a panel like that, but what is certain is that the explosion of virtual reality through an improvement of the resolution to avoid a user experience poor with the VR goggles.

What has not been too clear is if Samsung will use the current Gear VR model with USB c-type connector, and is that now any smartphone catalog is compatible with these goggles without adapters. It is logical to think that the new S8 Galaxy and Galaxy Note 8 will be compatible with this model and will not need a new one, even if the statements are running if not:

I have heard that they will be connected to a new ‘wearable’ Gear VR

Galaxy S8 in April, with the smart Wizard ‘Bixby’

Finally, the aforementioned informer owned by a partner company of Samsung confirms the rumors that the Galaxy S8 will arrive next month of April, and that it will be premiering the new Assistant based on artificial intelligence the Korean giant, called ‘Bixby’ and promises to climb several levels the functionalities of the old S Voice.

It’ll be this year to Samsung, since we already know the huge potential of the Korean firm to innovate and create the best smartphones, and with wounded pride they will surely want to recover a 2016 with many lights but also with very important shadows.