Samsung Still Bleeding by Patents: The First Apple and Now Nokia

We will not discover anything new if from here we criticize the use of patents by trolls. But this time it is not the same case as they are patents that Nokia used in his time, patents that Samsung used and patents that Samsung still paying today. This fact would not be so funny if not highlight it is Nokia, a manufacturer that is one foot inside and one outside the mobile phones industry and that follows even so, receiving quite a few benefits of the sector.

The relationship with Microsoft was not as long as costly for the Finnish brand and left them virtually outside the sector. Their Lumia now continue under the umbrella of Microsoft, with more pain than joy, and the contract’s not signed competition between the two companies has just this year 2016. Despite this, he presented his 222 Nokia in August of the past 2015, even with Microsoft. And despite this, he sees a good sum directly from the coffers of Samsung.

1 billion euros at a single stroke

The trial of patents that was resolved today itself in favor of Nokia will report them about 1020 million euros, or $ 1100 billion. What should have been a joy, has sent down the value of the shares of the Finnish company. Actions are so moved by forecasts, and in this case the revenues have been lower than expected, Nokia shares falling by 10%.

However, the good news not just for Nokia. The signature ensures that the same patents that have given that money in 2015, will stop in its coffers Another 1400 million between now and 2018. Investors, who by now have not collected with glad tidings results down, have put eyes in another trial opened between Nokia and LG. Is it as beneficial as you have won to Samsung?

What is clear is that the shareholders of Samsung will not be nothing happy. The loss of this trial is added that a few days ago they lost a similar one against Apple. Patents appear to be a very lucrative business, according to the results.