Simple and Effective: The Spring-Summer 2014 Is That We Will Bring Richard James

Before interfere fully in the week of the fashion of Milan, we said goodbye to in London Collections with the review of the trends proposed by Richard James. Located in the epicenter of tailoring, Savile Row, the firm has presented a collection of minimalist and relaxed ways that a server has been a success. Do not miss it!

The spring-summer 2014 Richard James, part of a concept of formal clothes that relaxes taking advantage of the time of the season. Costumes carved, one or two buttons American comply with pants at ankle height.

The White It is the most repeated color, in fact, most pants are this color. If the pants are not mentioned color, hue of these will always be lighter than the jackets. It may be to share saturation, but we will never see the darker than the top bottom.

This collection runs away from large excesses and that manifests itself in the little presence of prints. Clothes, just find the imperishable tables window, Prince of Wales and moles. The latter, already have excelled this season and apparently in past parades, the coming year will be to do so but with a mishap: increase size.

That Yes, the shoe is only played by espadrilles with flashy print of flowers. This detail, is a declaration of intent that does more than highlight the relaxed character of this collection.

After the last point, we took the opportunity to comment the facet more informal the parade consists of shorts, knitwear, Polo shirts and light jackets. As you can see, color codes set forth above are still serving in the most casual moments.

Richard James advocates a simple elegance that relax the gentleman without losing this composure (with the exception of footwear). A collection of soft colors, easy combination and it reminds us constantly station of the year in which we find ourselves. All very correct, Yes Sir.