Siri Could Help Us Find The Car According to This New Patent

Is extremely fascinating know through patent what the future might hold for us, Unfortunately, many of them fail to see the light, staying at a chance for a better opportunity, but that does not detract from the interesting thing to know the plans of the company for future developments.

So now we learned that Apple has passed again by the Patent Office in the United States on this occasion, register two new patents which have been named as: “Automatic identification of the location of the vehicle” and “location of the vehicle in places of difficult communication”, which speaks to us of a possible implementation as the seen “Find my iPhone” but adapted to our car.

With these patents, it would result in the possibility that by Siri we can know, and even guide us, to our car location, in cases of theft, loss, or simply to tell us where we parked, function similar to what is currently happening with “Find my iPhone”, but here the car would have to be equipped with CarPlay to be in constant communication with our device.

The interesting thing here is the fact that one of the patents speak of Locate the drive even if we don’t have data signal on the iPhone, which would give us the possibility to reach the car through WiFi, Bluetooth and even GPS, thanks to connection established with CarPlay.

Without a doubt, the idea is extremely attractive, since It would make a device which can be accessed through our iPhone car, which opens up additional possibilities endless.