Skype Mingo: Microsoft Wants to Centralize Phone, Contacts and Messaging of Your Android

To date, surely most of the readers of Xataka Android already know that Microsoft earns money with Android, so it will not surprise you to remember it now. However, not only patent wants to continue entering money the giant from Redmond, who is now undergoing the expensive process of introduce your services on our Android smartphones.

Through agreements, the famous suite office is already pre-installed on many devices, and yesterday saw a new version of Microsoft Translator that integrates conversations in real time. And what is next? Maybe that Microsoft wants to try with Skype Mingo I centralicemos all of our communications into a single application.

Microsoft wants its services to reach more terminals Android and Skype wants to bring to the competition, but does so in a model to centralize communications interesting and ambitious, but very complicated to grow

Skype Mingo comes not only to bring us all Skype services an interface adapted to the style of Android guides and modern, but it also It incorporates a dialer to replace the phone, a Contacts section you want to replace your contacts application and, as if this were not enough, also a the Messaging Manager Google Messenger style.

At the moment is only an application in development which is in alpha stage, but which is fully functional and already available in some countries for direct download from Google Play. You don’t need to enroll in any program of testers or anything, and we already have been able to prove it.

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Will it leave well Microsoft bet with Skype Mingo?

The application makes everything he promises, and obviously satisfied users of Microsoft services, which can now centralize phone, contacts, SMS messaging and instant messaging and Skype video calls from a single application.

Skype wants to grow and get closer to the housing, but with a different approach and that time Whatsapp, Telegram, nor Facebook nor any Messenger had investigated other similar option.

The words using Microsoft to describe Skype Mingo are ‘communication center’, and it is true that the idea of the guys from Redmond is ambitious and not at all bad, although it remains to be seen if users become accustomed to the use of the telephone and SMS from Skype. Hangouts for example failed in its day trying to centralize the SMS and instant messaging in a less ambitious bet.

Obviously, we assume that Microsoft plans to replace Skype with this new version called Mingo, but currently not recommended their usual for not being entirely stable. If you want to try it and in your country is not available yet, here’s the APK.

Skype Mingo (Alpha)

  • Version of Android: from 4.0.3
  • Developer: Skype
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication