Storebox: Save the Purchase Receipt of Tour-Electronic [Tip]

To be kept track of the shared expenses for bofællesskabet’s Storebox something for you.

The white paper that involuntarily printed and reminds you of today’s purchase, often thrown out or deliberately forgotten, unless the black numbers on the bottom line can be drawn from the accounts.

Anyway can prove useful when lobe paper bofællesskabet or roomiens share of the shared expenses must be made up.

Therefore, there exist today many applications where you can enter indkøbets quantity and item distribution thereof, or just to take a picture of the receipt which is saved for later use.

This is, however, both active actions-what if the whole thing were happening automatically?

Meet The Storebox.

Storebox: automatic, electronic receipt.

Application Storebox, who until recently was called, working together with Danish supermarket and other large companies like the company and TV2, for automatic and electronic to bring you købets receipt.

By downloading the application and create you as a user, your purchases in the future, acknowledged with an electronic receipt when trading with their partners.

The application also has push-notification, so you can make sure that the on-the-spot have the necessary papers.

If you have wondered how large a quantity of receipt paper being thrown out every day, you’re not alone — and it has Storebox thought of.

After having a debit card attached to your primary consumption account, you can choose to enable you as a green profile. This means that your future purchases will not trigger a print of a receipt in the store, and by doing so, you help to reduce paper waste.

It is only certain stores into further supports this, and should you wish a physical receipt, you can simply ask for this. Also, you can save the receipts by taking a picture of this and store them in the application.