Straightening American

Learn the relaxation technique to the base of guanidine, which promises to be more effective on afro hair that straighten your hair with tioglicolato ammonia

Famous in the United States, the straightening american or relaxation american now promises to become a fashion in Brazil. It is a kind of hair straightening that combines relaxation and hydration to protect the wires from dryness and the effect of tips brittle caused by the application of the chemical.

Straightening American 1

Different techniques are known for here, which use tioglicolato of ammonia, straightening american has as active ingredient the guanidine. While the first one changes the structure of the wire from the inside to the outside, the guanidine shapes, smooth wires, modifies its structure from outside to inside and still moisturizes right after your application. Once that is done the straightening, the hair cuticles are still open and this allows moisture to reach up to the deeper layers of the wire.

The straightening american is not recommended for any type of hair. The product is ideal only for those who have fine hair, curly style, the afro. The result of the relaxation of american depends on the application and may vary between drop over the curls, control the volume or to smooth completely the hair. The entire application process can last between 25 to 45 minutes, including the phases of smoothing and hydration.

Straightening American 2

Touch-ups should be done every two months and it is recommended that they are made hidratações additional each week to maximize results.

Those who have already made other types of smoothing and brush permanent be careful. The straightening american is not indicated for hair with permanent, straightened, defrisados or with other types of treatment that lead-based products tioglicolato.

Another restriction is as to the hair discolored and damaged by successive colorations. So, before you apply the product on the hair it is necessary to search for a professional to do an evaluation and a test strand to ensure the safety of your hair.

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