SuperSU and TWRP Are Already Fully Functional Phones Pixel, Again Thanks to Chainfire

It’s no secret that new smartphones Google Pixel have a real headache for the large community of Android, but the truth is that changes tend to assume only a nice challenge and more than a little effort for the ‘scene’.

In spite of the new system of system and boot partitions Android 7 Nougat introduced in the Pixel and Pixel XL, little took Chainfire to get rootearlos, and little else to do so without touching the system partition, so it was a matter of time that arrived fully functional versions of SuperSU and TWRP.

For those who don’t know what the hell we are talking about, SuperSU is the application that manages the superuser permissions on a smartphone ‘rooted’, while TWRP is the custom recovery most famous of the scene, a tool that allows you to not only clean and format your device, but also the installation of custom ROMs and other kinds of modifications and patches.

SuperSU and TWRP already are well in the Google Pixel

Ethan Yonker – Dees Troy at the scene–who published opened the veda yesterday same the first early recovery TWRP for the Pixel alpha together with the relevant installation instructions. A fully functional version together with SuperSU and to finally let you modify Pixel smartphones in a relatively secure manner.

However, the good news is not complete, because Chainfire explains that both he and Ethan they already projected a bug that announces, will soon solve. Apparently, after the SuperSU Flash on devices that are using the images boot-to-root published by Chainfire, these are encrypted spontaneously, a behavior not expected and that surely many do not want to.

The information more technique, as well as the steps to be followed for the installation, them you have available on the source link. We do not know if any reader will have a Pixel to not have been released from form obviously but global, and as always in these cases, if you have one of the new smartphone from Google and do not want to turn it into a paperweight, read everything very well, understand it first, and then execute the manual with care.