Sutomore, Montenegro

Sutomore (“land and sea”) is a resort town between Petrovac and Bar (about 5 km), known for its wonderful sandy beaches with a length of more than 2.5 km. These famous beaches are protected from the mainland winds by cypresses and pines. In addition, not far from Sutomore, there is a cozy town of Canj, whose small-pebble beach is one of the best in Montenegro.

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How to get to Sutomore

A railway line passes through the city, connecting the capital of Serbia – Belgrade and Bar. In addition, residents of Podgorica like to spend weekends here – thanks to the proximity of the resort to the capital. Only half an hour by train or car separates them from each other.

Sutomore beaches

First of all, Sutomore is famous for its sandy beaches, the length of which is, in total, about 2.5 km. The beach is well-groomed and clean, there are many opportunities for swimming and diving, as well as traditional beach activities such as catamarans, parachutes, “bananas”. A small (about 800 m) sandy beach in Sutomore is widely known. As in many places in Montenegro, the sand here (due to its mineral composition) has healing properties: it brings relief to patients with rheumatism. It is for this reason that the beach has long been chosen by wealthy Venetians who suffer from rheumatic pains due to living in beautiful, but so damp Venice.

Hotels, shops and restaurants

In the immediate vicinity of the beaches in Sutomore, there are more than 50 cafes and restaurants, six hotels and many private villas. There are also shops where you can buy not only everything you need, but also souvenirs. Sutomore hotels are also aimed at travelers who tend to choose a budget holiday. The level of hotels and villas corresponds to approximately 3 * according to the international classification. This does not mean that you cannot find comfortable housing in Sutomore. It’s just that it is devoid of a touch of luxury here, as is often the case in beach hotels in other countries.

It would be useful to add that the main part of the resort area during the swimming season (from June 1 to September 15) is completely given to pedestrians, the movement of vehicles is prohibited in it. For a long time, a fish market has been operating in the town in the mornings. The variety of seafood offered there is so great that it is difficult to even imagine more.

Entertainment and attractions in Sutomore

The surroundings of Sutomore and the coastline are replete with quiet lagoons and bays, forests and picturesque cliffs – these places are perfect for walking. It turns out that the organization of a beach holiday in this area practically does not require additional costs, you only need to pay for the road to the place of rest, food and accommodation. But inquisitive tourists are usually driven by the desire not only to soak up the beach and walk along the forest and mountain paths, but also to see those cities in the vicinity of which a place to stay is chosen.

From this point of view, Sutomore is a very interesting place. The city itself was founded in the Middle Ages, when narrow winding cobblestone streets and hewn stone houses were commonplace. So the remains of the old walls still echo with modern buildings. In the 12th century, the two-altar church of St. Thekla (Crkva Sv. Tekla) was built in the eastern part of the town: two denominations coexisted perfectly under the arches of one dome. But at the opposite end of the resort, on the western side, the Turkish fortress Haj-Nehaj (Hai-Nehay, translated as “be afraid – do not be afraid”) has been preserved. And on the small peninsula of Ratach, between Bar and Sutomore, you can see the ruins of the Benedictine monastery of St. Mary (11th century).

The geographical position of this resort is such that getting anywhere in the country will not be a problem. For example, an excursion to the world famous Skadar Lake is available from here. The cities of Bar and Petrovac, closest to Sutomore, are quite rich in sights: there is a hodgepodge of Romano-Gothic and Ottoman motifs of Bar, and unique Roman mosaics in Petrovac, which confirm that the city was founded in the 3rd century AD. It should be added that a railway line from Belgrade to Bar passes through Sutomore, which provides a wonderful opportunity to expand the excursion space and see other cities of Montenegro without spending much time or money on travel.

The hospitality and cordiality of the locals are widely known. For many years, the tiny Montenegrin town of Sutomore has attracted thousands of vacationers who want to combine holidays at sea with sightseeing on land. Their choice is easy to explain, because “Sutomore” means “land and sea”, which fully reflects the essence of recreation in this area.

Sutomore, Montenegro