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How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuits

We know that with these climates so suffocating, what most seems to you is go to Cuernavaca weekend and relax a while in the pool.

Trend: Swimwear with Prints

I put you in situation, you just got off work, it’s Friday and you’ve been wearing your damn suit and tie perfectly all week, and finally it’s time to go to the beach, some friends have called you to spend the afternoon taking the Sun and relaxing Is not it time for something different?

How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit

There are so many types of bodies as women. And when it comes to choosing bikinis or swimsuits, complicates the choice of the perfect garment.

CRU Swimwear: the New Brand of Handmade Swimwear

They are crocheted and lycra-lined by four seamstresses – of those really serious-in Lisbon. When in 2015 she decided to do Erasmus in Holland, Catherine Gil had too much free time. The 22-year-old girl-already a graduate in dental medicine and a bachelor’s degree in management-needed something to occupy her and “perform 100 percent” during her free • Read More »

Swimwear Trends 2013

In 2013 it will be in the range of Swimwear Trends hardly need to complain about lack of choice. The styles this year are extremely varied and cover almost any range. Which look is always preferred, you will definitely find the garment, with which one can not be overlooked at the beach or pool with security. The main styles • Read More »