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How to Combine with Your Jewelry Style


They’re Back: Anklets

Who does not remember, back in the early 2000s, how the anklets made the greatest success and were they feeling, especially on summer days? Behold, after years of being sidetracked – and even considered cheesy, no one wanted to know about them – the accessory is spinning over. 

The Perfect Engagement Ring for a Passionate Couple

It all started with a passionate desire.The desire to surprise your beloved, to make an irreproachable request and demonstrate all your love translated in the smallest details.The design of this engagement ring was developed exclusively to represent the purest love of a beautiful couple who arrived at Casa São Paulo through a message on the • Read More »

Versatile Jewelry You must Have!

You need Versatile Jewelry! If you’re like us and has thousands of accessories, but sometimes is too lazy to open the door to change jewelry, this post is for you!

DIY Pearl Earrings

DIY for Pearl Earrings of Dior More and more, Dior jewelry is gaining more prominence within the firm and the Pearl Earrings that come with the clothes this season have become an object of desire that can now be yours Thanks to this simple DIY. We already had Natxo a few days ago that the • Read More »

How to Clean Jewelry

The jewelry, with the passage of time, tend to lose their luster because of the prolonged use and of the impurities that accumulate on metals. For proper cleaning of jewelry, we can follow these simple tips depending on the different types of jewelry. Costume jewelry To clean jewelery, mix a drop of shampoo for children and • Read More »

Where to Find Quality Jewelry

Perhaps the world is a woman who does not love jewelry, and of course they wear. Not only are for every woman truly unique accessory, but many significantly underline its beauty. Jewelry fits just anytime and virtually any outfit. If you also have any desire to make special, and it is interesting and glittering accessory not hesitate. Great tip • Read More »

Pearl Collar Necklace DIY

Introduction Do odd jobs at home, it is always a pleasant pastime for women and the men who love to create something pretty even through a few useful tools to achieve wonderful things. Among the many things you can make at home, there are also jewelry. Among them there is a type of jewelry necklace a bit different from the classic necklace. It is • Read More »

Brooches for Hair

The hairpins are a must have for anyone who likes to embellish the hair styles with a touch of elegance. Brooches for hair: accessories to impress Colored, precious and original: for every outfit there is a hairstyle accessory ready to impress. Protagonists of the occasions where a dress code is required great attention to detail, the • Read More »

Styling Body Chains

Sexy jewelry trend The general summer fashion formula is: The higher the temperature, the fewer clothes. When the sun comes out, so there is currently quite a lot of skin to see. Actually, even sexy enough, but this year emphasize women their merits a bit more – with seductive body chains. And so the so-called body chains are • Read More »