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How Much We Can Actually Save with LED Lighting?

When we talk of replacing our incandescent bulbs, halogen or fluorescent the first question that comes to mind is how much will I save with the change? It is normal, since it is the main trick used by manufacturers to boost your sales. And it is true, they represent an energy saving but also We • Read More »

Does LED Lighting Save Money?

he advantages of LED lighting are so many that it is difficult to focus on one or two of them. Most consumers turn to innovative LED lighting due to the high quality of light output and lower energy bills. It should be noted, however, that LED lighting offers a low maintenance, easy installation, and also • Read More »

Underwater LED Light for Pool

Already in the stately park of centuries past was water an indispensable part of garden design. Romantic watercourses, bombastic fountains and large Schwanenweiher brought life into the static greenery. The enthusiasm has remained until today and will in our time, because “pleasure gardens” are no longer reserved only higher circles,shared by private garden owners. Today we still have • Read More »

Benefits of LED Lighting in Offices

The light source of the 21st century are LEDs. An increasing number of office workstations are illuminated by LEDs. What are the advantages of modern LED? With the beginning of a new year the days are very slowly brighter. What we lack in winter light. We get up when it is still dark and leave the office when the • Read More »

Choosing Your Flashlight Or Headlamp

What are your needs? Frontal or hand? There are 2 categories of lamps: The torches are carried by hand with non-slip materials and a wrist strap. Headlamps that are worn on the head by an elastic band. The torches have a wide range of size and light output. Their sizes vary depending on battery power. This can • Read More »

How to Decorate with Christmas Lights…

Throughout the Year! Have you ever wondered what to do with your Christmas lights when the holidays end? Did you know that you can use them in other parts of the House throughout the year? Here I share some tips in this regard.

How to Decorate a Terrace

Anyone who has the good fortune of having a terrace in your own home can not help but to furnish it impeccably, given the fact that is a true extension of your own home where you can spend time outdoors, especially during the ‘summer. What we should pay more attention to is not the style • Read More »

How to Buy LED Light Bulbs for Your Home

Each product on the market is distinguished by its characteristics – market price, quality factor of supply and demand. The market offers a wide variety. Before you buy, however, it is important to be aware of their preferences and find the optimal product for us – a combination of quality and favorable price.