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How to Use Less Data When Using Your 3G Data Packet?

In addition to texting and maybe making calls (yes, cell phones still ring), all the fun things you can do on your smartphone require a data packet. Cool things include email, web browsing, downloading and running apps, accessing social media, and streaming musicand video. What’s not fun, though, is having a huge bill at the end of the • Read More »

5 Security Features for You to Activate Now on Your Android!

It can happen to you anytime, or maybe it has already happened: you’re on the bus playing on your smartphone or surfing the social networks when someone steals your device, running out of the doors of the vehicle and running away in the crowd. Or you just forget the device somewhere. Worse, a thief takes the phone • Read More »

Is This El LG Optimus Nexus?

A few days ago I’ve told what we expect from the next Nexus, which all pools give to LG as a manufacturer, and in a few days are already leaked images of the so-called terminal.

LG Optimus Vu, with Pointer and a Five-Inch Very Square

We have presented what I this morning with enough details, and now we have new images of the LG Optimus Vu, It is a reality, and comes as a response to the good behaviour in the market of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Prices of The Smartphone with Vodafone Exclusive LG PRADA

Exclusive sales and with limited units, fans of Vodafone Facebook will have access to the LG PRADA 3.0 premiered this week and from Monday 20 February it opens the rest of stakeholders through the Online shop. From 659 euro in its free version to 0 euros with retention.

LG Will Present a New Smartphone with Processor Intel at CES 2012

According to the publication ‘ Korea Times ’, it seems that the LG / Intel collaboration to introduce a smartphone Android on Moorestown chipset in the past CES 2011 will have its sequel in the next contest that will take place between 10th and 13th January.

Lg G3: Better with Android 5

Bottom line: The LG G3 makes an impressive figure visually. The processing is top, the Quad-HD display is extremely sharp. Brightness and contrast, but normal values reached the screen. In the subsequent test remains the poor online runtime, the pace of work increases with Android 5.0 but noticeably.

Guide to Buying Your Smart Watch / Smartwatch

If you are thinking of buying a Smartwatch watch, you must take into account some data before making the decision. If you are hesitating because you think it may be a fad, or it is a device too “geek”, data indicate that in the year 2015 have sold 17.1 million wearable devices. Are you going to • Read More »