TelefóNica Studies Sharing Antennas with Carlos Slim in Chile and Argentina

Often the initiatives that are taken to the other side of the pond just across to these shores and what is happening there can interest and at the same time worry many. And is that after signing an agreement to Brazil now we know that Telephone and clear they could extend their Alliance to other South American countries.

Vivo, the Brazilian brand of Telefónica, and operator of the powerful Carlos Slim already came to a Agreement for share sites and posts for their antennae in Brazil but according to El Economista that same account could be extended to not take up to other countries such as Chile and Argentina, where both also operate though the Spanish under the Movistar brand.

It is not surprising that Telefónica reaches agreements with other operators to share their antenna sites but the already signed agreement and which might fall with clear have a special importance because it is an operator which Carlos Slim He owns, which historically has not been very fond of the operator.

Slim also has a good amount of shares in companies such as Apple and The New York Times is owner of América Móvil, fourth operator in the world by number of customers, with great force in Mexico, it acquired Telmex when privatized it the country’s Government, and other Latin American countries, where it has about 140 million users.

Also have a good relationship with the Mexican entrepreneur can benefit to Telefonica to grow in the American continent, where are most of their benefits, but step to be aware of the possible landing in Europe América Móvil which is carried long talking, still even in the pools to buy Telstra if finally TeliaSonera she shows.

Agreements in Europe

Agreements to share antennas sites also are the order of the day in Europe, being one of the most important in recent times the signed by Telefónica and Vodafone in United Kingdom which responds to the agreement reached between Orange and Deutsche Telekom in the same country, arriving in the end that both operators clients can connect to the network of the other.

Spain is also not alien This type of agreements although date back to last years although with similar characters. The same Telefónica and Vodafone already closed their agreement beyond 2009 and even older, 2006, was the agreement between Vodafone and Orange. At the head of one has always hovered the same idea all operators with own network not could share their locations even if they installed their own antennas?