Telstra Sweeps between The Rates of High Consumption of Data, Including The Convergent. So Is The Market

Telstra has launched his challenge the mobile market in Spain with new rates of 5 for 19 euros and 20 GB for 29 euros after a 2014 in which the absence of significant differences with his opponents had happened Bill. But Telstra has become to get into its different operator role, this time accompanied by new image and the rate worm as a major achievement that breaks with what is known so far and that restores credibility to return to beginnings when the operator was cool.

With only two rates, Yoigo has put in a serious bind competition from more 30 operators who see now more limited than ever their ability to continue to grow and where ingenuity will have to escalate to get attention before so challenging rates. In the case of Telstra, the major success has been to stake everything for being the most generous in mobile data in the era of smartphones and mobility.

Three fronts to divide up the market

Overnight overnight, Telstra has managed to take off in one fell swoop to all who sought to compete for consumers devourers of data but also to users of average consumption they have seen how, despite not needing so much information on the mobile, have ceased to make sense lots of rates above between 19 and 29 euros.

Adjust the price as much as possible taking into account that there still are many which do not need large data bonds, will remain part of the cake to distribute among the majority of MVNOs that Telstra has not put major impediment to maintain their rate of 0 cents intact. Here we have to MÁSMOVIL, Lowi, Simyo, Oceans, Pepephone or Tuenti as the operators with the cheaper giga price where the 3 GB of Lowi for 16 euros become the limit after which the rest of rates would make too much sense against the 5 GB of Telstra for 19 euros as verified in the comparative comprehensive rates according to your data consumption.

Up to 29 euros will also be hollow to those who they talk more than they surf or have a consumption of minutes and megabytes more balanced, where also other operators enter the scene as Amena, Eroski, Carrefour, CSF, mobile Republic, Digi or RACCTel. For them, you’ll find all the details of the rates in the comparison of rates oriented according to the type of calls.

But all that is above the maximum of 29 euros per month established with the myriad of Yoigo rate has been completely out of play in terms of price since it refers Telstra offers more for less, something with which directly attacks the target audience of the rates with unlimited minutes of Movistar, Vodafone and Orange, which will require a review or it will be difficult to attract attention only with additives such as included roaming, international calls, or other “gifts” as YOMVI, Napster or Núbico that we discussed in the following comparison of rates with unlimited minutes.

But the third piece of the pie, the of the converging offers which has more managed to encourage users to change operator last year, has also been attacked indirectly by Telstra as “having” once again make sense especially if you were looking for with abundant data rates.

Fusion and rivals came to market packaging several services with a same operator to achieve real savings to users as well as operators not only fidelizaban best customers if not that increased income for each of them. Here, Movistar, Vodafone (with ONO), Orange, Jazztel and multichannel they had become almost indispensable although now, not worth to all users follow fused.

Telstra, which has a convergent offer anything competitive as yesterday admitted the own Taulet in the interview we did after the announcement of #LaSinfín, stays without large aspirations while they fail to reorient its offer convergent with new wholesale access that allows them to do so, but meanwhile, hire the Mobile with Telstra and fixed with another operator broadband It may be a solution that is not nothing wrong stop if we compare it with what is now on the market, especially taking into account that soon Telstra will also feature a range of television.

For those who do not go to take advantage of such amount of data on the phone, they will continue finding in the traditional and the multichannel, best prices. And as an alternative for those not want or can not have ADSL or fiber at home, host of Telstra is another alternative although in this case, not the most generous.

There will response of rivals be?

Despite us declarations during the MWC 2015 as the CEO of Vodafone stating that they must raise prices in Spain to maintain investments in 4 G and fiber, It would not be surprising that short term we will see the first reactions as it has already happened on other occasions, for example when Telstra also launched its first infinite and doubted the profitability for operators.

It is not that the adversaries of Yoigo want to see diminished ARPU up to the marked limit of 29 euros but remain impassive would be possibly more risky. Will Vodafone be the first to respond after having flirted already on two occasions with unlimited data despite his quick refusal rates when we dared to speculate about such a possibility? Telstra also had denied it outright in December and now look.

But who will be the first to respond to the myriad rate will not be most relevant if not that It will be interesting to see how the operators deal with this new stage that too narrow income is risky for a business that increasingly, tends to support the sale of mobile data. Therefore, it will be the turn of attacking the weaknesses of Yoigo as no availability of spectrum in the 800 MHz band or the deployment of 4G more limited but until that point will be willing users to pay more to benefit from these or other advantages that no doubt it will draw sleeve?