The Galaxy S8 Integrated Navigation Keys with 3D Touch Screen Function

Although the second half of the year has been tarnished by the affair of Note 7, it should not be forgotten that it was also in 2016 when Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S7. And it is precisely with the successors of this successful duo with which they want us to forget forever what happened with Note 7. It is not surprising that now all eyes focus on what will be the next flagship of the South Korean brand.

The rumors about the Galaxy S8 are many and point to notable with respect to the current generation changes, as for example the Elimination of classical physical home button so that the display shall extend up to the edge. Now there are tracks that the touch-sensitive navigation keys will also be within a still more clear front screen. But there is not everything, they would also bet on a system type 3D Touch to extend its functionalities.

Will we see a Galaxy S8 borderless?

At the moment there is nothing confirmed, but the rumor mill points in this direction. After the announcement of the Mi Xiaomi Mix, there are indications that the designs “borderless” threaten to become trend and Samsung would be one of the brands in addition to fashion.

We had already talked about that Galaxy S8 happily physical home button and would integrate the under the glass of the screen fingerprint reader. If such a change occurs, the logical thing would be to remove also capacitive keys so they go inside the panel, which is just what says the latest rumor.

Android has been offering the possibility of integrating the buttons on the screen for some time, but until now Samsung has not taken this possibility as if they have other brands. The main reason is its characteristic physical button front, but it would make no sense to delete this piece already no hold off the screen.

This change would also allow them customize the keypad to your liking and could also offer more functions thanks to a kind 3D Touch sensitive to pressure. In addition, it would be an advantage in terms of design if they manage to reduce the bottom frame to the size not firing.

For now the Samsung Galaxy S8 has not been confirmed officially, so it could still be many changes before his official announcement, which We look forward to the month of April and not February as it was customary.